3 Inspiring podcasts I listen to for creative focus

Podcasts were something I really got into after I moved into a fully creative role and now they are a daily part of my routine. If anything, my biggest problem is now finding enough good quality podcasts to satisfy my insatiable appetite. These three podcasts, below, give me a specific sense of creative focus and motivation. This is so critical when you are in charge of yourself or have any kind of workload that is largely self-motivated. 


I started listening to the Seanwes podcast in 2014 and it's been fascinating to follow its main host, Sean McCabe, on his ongoing entrepreneurial journey. The reason these podcasts are so inspiring and lend so much focus is that Sean, and his reflective co-host Ben, are able to talk through real-life wins and losses in order to make tangible suggestions to help their listeners. There's a no-nonsense approach to how Sean lays down his philosophies which gives you a strong kick of motivation. Just before the motivation fades into imposter syndrome and self-doubt, his co-host Ben brings a good cop perspective that helps you break it down into something less terrifying. I think they are a winning combination and they've got me through plenty of ups and downs in my freelance career so far.

The Guilty Feminist

Discovering The Guilty Feminist podcast has been like a breath of fresh 'solidarity' air. The premise of this podcast is discussing objective feminist issues through the subjective lens of insecurity, hypocrisy and ambiguity that comes from our social upbringing. It's also hilarious, incidentally, and jam packed with talented comedians. I have yet to listen to a single episode in which I couldn't empathise with everyone involved, as a woman and as an aspiring creative. It's a pleasure to listen to when you're seeking something thoughtful but entertaining. My preferred time to listen to this is on my daily 'screen break' strolls in the park. 

How to Be Amazing

I think this is a great podcast for two simple reasons. The host is very good at his job and consistently manages to ask the things you were thinking you'd like to know, with eloquence and good humour. Secondly, the title of the podcast implies the broad scope of the show and the range of people goes far beyond the traditional creative industry. From marathon runners to politicians, I have discovered so many interesting and awesome people through this show. It's perfect for getting out of your little creative bubble and learning some inspiring life lessons from people you might never have otherwise googled before. That's not to say that the guests aren't notable or well known - quite the opposite, in fact. But, it's easy to fall into following the same 200 people on Twitter, checking the same blogs each week and going to the same meet-up every month. If this sounds familiar, you should subscribe to this show immediately and inject some motivational variety into your week.