What's the story?


The Jenny Lemon lifestyle Philosophy

Pattern and print can breath inspiration and identity into your home. The Jenny Lemon philosophy is to inspire optimism with colour and story, creating clean motifs that won't overpower your mood. 

My Mantra

1. Keep it simple.

2. No regrets.

3. Colour, colour, colour!

4. Design should tell stories.

5. Stories should feed identity.

6. Stop trying to be someone else.

7. Don't try to force your own style.

8. Breathe deep, sleep well.

9. Wear pink if you like it.

10. Don't, if you don't.


About the designer

Jennifer 'Lemon' Edwards is a new surface pattern designer with persistently enticing ideas about putting a splash of colour back into minimal lifestyles. As a pattern specialist, she sees print as a way of achieving this in a harmonious and balanced way. Her notable styles include flat, abstracted silhouettes and sugary sweet colour palettes. Her background is in storytelling and social media so she had a special passion for bringing the stories behind her work to life.

Jenny Lemon London is a lifestyle brand driven by Jennifer's desire for minimal and colourful print solutions on paper, for the home and wherever you go.

If you would like to see more work by Jennifer or learn more about her pattern design services, please get in touch for access to her full licensing portfolio.