How can I purchase a pattern on this website?

You can purchase and exclusive buyout license for the designs shown on this website via the online checkout. When you add a pattern to your cart, you will be asked to complete a brief form providing information about your business, your business role and the email address you would like your design files emailed to. 

Alternatively, you can contact me using the contact form to express an interest in a design. I will prepare an invoice for you, if you prefer to pay by invoice. Once payment is received, the master files will be emailed to you within 24 hours. 

Can I buy a pattern license outright for full ownership? 
If I am buying the design 'outright' at a flat rate, what does this mean?

If you're buying a pattern outright via the online checkout on this website, you will have full ownership of the design on a permanent basis. This approach uses a flat rate of payment which is a fixed fee to be paid once.

Buying a pattern in this way gives you full flexibility and exclusivity in using this design. It's a popular approach because of its simplicity and this is why I offer a range of unique designs for 'outright' purchase, also known as 'buyout'.

Is it possible to only license the design for a limited time or for a limited capacity of products? What would be the price for this?

Yes, you can and this is very common. Licensing a pattern is going to depend on the parameters of the licensing agreement. These parameters include the product category / royalties, the geography of use, the length of time, exclusivity, liabilities, whether my brand is included in the final product and more.

If you are a manufacturer who already works with artists, you'll be familiar with these parameters and probably have your own preferred contract. If you are new to licensing, please get in touch with information about your requirements and we can work out a suitable agreement for both parties.

In either case, we will agree a price that will fall into one of two categories: flat fee or royalties.

What is the difference between flat fee and royalties licensing? If I am buying the design 'outright' at a flat rate, what does this mean?


If you license a design for a limited time of for a limited category of manufacturing, there are two common ways of agreeing a fee. One of these is royalties, based on the sales of the final products. Sometimes an advance on these royalties is agreed. The other way is a flat fee that is fixed, regardless of how many products are sold. This flat fee will cover the window of time that the design is licensed. If later renewed, the fee will be renewed also. 

How have you protected these designs from being copied from the site? 

The designs available on this website are never uploaded as high resolution JPEGs or as original master files. The swatches shown on product pages are previews only, which offer both an impression of the design on a textiles based surface but also facilitate a natural abstraction of the original design - also seen in the use of watermarks. 

What do I do if I accidentally purchase the wrong design?

If you make a mistake and accidentally purchase the wrong design, don't worry!

I will email master design files within 24 hours. During this time, you will have received a confirmation email, confirming the design you have purchased. If you notice an error at this point and you are able to let me know before the master files are sent, I can provide a quibble-free refund once the payment is cleared. 

Once the master files have been sent after 24 hours, I will be unable to offer a refund.