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New Surface Pattern Collections Available For Licensing

New Surface Pattern Collections Available For Licensing

With Spring now officially here, I'd like to share three of my most recent collections, which are now available for licensing. These spirited patterns are modern and vibrant, supported with a set of complementing designs and versatile enough for a range of markets. 

Orange Grove Collection

A secluded grove within the valleys, untouched by man and beloved by nature.

Nature is considered to be good for the soul and taking time to escape the busy urban life is increasingly needed. This collection brings unrestrained and playful beauty into daily lifestyle.

The Orange Grove was designed, originally, as an orchard styled print. I realised that there is something much more exciting
in the story of an untouched and organic grove hidden away, flourishing in the valleys.

The abstract and geometric elements of this collection breath modernity into an otherwise romantic concept.

Mighty Acorn Collection

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

A lot of my old university pals are now having children and starting their next journey as a family unit. Smiling down at these new little people, I always note how there are very few clues as to how their own story will play out. I began wondering; Who will these babies grow into?; What will they do with their lives?; Who will they meet and fall in love with?

The mighty oak trees that are fully grown, all began as a tiny seed. I love the idea that there is so much potential pressed tight into a little acorn. This collection is about the excitement of new life and great expectations. It embodies naive beauty and the seasonal flurry of growth in the style and movement of each design.

Fairy Place Collection

The place at the end of the garden with so much irresistible possibility.

Wherever I went as a child, from reading Peter Pan to attending my weekly
Girl Guides meetings, fairies filled my imagination with mystery and suspense. My father enjoyed telling me stories of myth and magic and often convinced me that we were lucky enough to have fairies living at the bottom of our garden.

I aimed to create a style of florals that is graphic, whimsical and naive. The variance of locations in the patterns signifies my belief that everyone probably has a ‘fairy place’ of their own. The collection is brimming with colour, excitement and energy, to reflect this shared childhood passion for that fairy place at the end of the garden.

If you are interested in licensing any of these collections and would like to consider the complementing designs, please get in touch and I can provide access to my full portfolio.

New Vector Pattern Available - Hot Tropical Floral - Case Study

New Vector Pattern Available - Hot Tropical Floral - Case Study

You can now purchase wholesale on my website

You can now purchase wholesale on my website