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New Vector Pattern Available - Hot Tropical Floral - Case Study

New Vector Pattern Available - Hot Tropical Floral - Case Study

I'd like to talk about finding your version of a trend using this print because it's very much a version of the ongoing tropical print trend that I discovered from my own style exploration.

While I have certain stylistic preferences - summarised, this would be clean, graphic, flat or digital designs - I actually produce a lot of designs for outright flat fee purchase. This means that the buyer owns the pattern once it has been sold which means the designs need to look different and have their own story in each case. So, while I have my style preferences, they need to come out in a lot of different ways across a range of trends and subjects. 

Tropical, at the moment, has a very popular realistic, almost botanical, illustration style being popularised and that is a fairly different approach to the way I design. However, that doesn't mean I don't have a contribution to make to the tropical trend. I have a range of tropical designs but I've selected this one to analyse a little bit. 

This print was created on the iPad Pro and later in Adobe Illustrator. I started with the colour palette and picked a very graphic, digital range of colours to suit a tropic design. I decided to customise a brush on the iPad to a setting that fell into something clean (like a marker pen) but loose enough to keep it looking organic still.

The doodles were all created on separate layers so that they were easy to rearrange in Illustrator as I knew I would be creating a lot of overlapping depth later. 

I tried to just create one or two themes of detailing across the flowers and leaves. One example is the outlines you can see around the centre of the flowers and the outlines around the leaves and palms. I also used a 'pushing' motion with the brush to make the flowers and leaves all have a motion of stretching out and that is a subtle thing that really helped pull these elements together at the end. 

Hot Tropical Floral

This pattern is sold as an exclusive buyout licence. The design is a vector repeat and is ready to edit or use as required. 

Upon purchase, the layered Adobe Illustrator file will be emailed to you, to be used with full rights. The design will be removed from the website before the final files are sent to you.


Technical information about this design

If you're interested in this design, it is available for both royalty licensing or exclusive flat fee purchase at the moment. The actual design file you'll receive is going to be an Adobe Illustrator file which means this pattern was created using vector shapes and is completely re-scalable without loss of quality which is super handy for production.

The file is layered with the original layout, a perfect square block ready for repeat and a pre-made pattern swatch that repeats and scales within Adobe Illustrator so it really is all ready to go.

How to purchase this design

If you want to grab it now, you can pay online via my product listing above or you can also email me if you need to pay by invoice instead.

There's an FAQ covering common questions I receive about purchasing/licensing my designs but feel free to get in touch if you still have any other queries. 

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