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New Vector Pattern Available - Geometric Floral - Case Study

New Vector Pattern Available - Geometric Floral - Case Study

Today, I wanted to talk about a new geometric floral design I've created for my portfolio. It's had a really positive reception on social media, especially when I've shared a photo of the design in progress (see below). There's a few pieces of feedback that are worth summarising but I have my own thoughts on what's working in the design and some of the challenges I faced to get there. 

Firstly, the colour palette has received some love on social and I think it's the yellow colour that is really making the overall design 'pop'. The pinks and blues are a fairly favourite palette of mine for creating the fresh, feminine style that I try to inject into my work. However, I think it's definitely using this new yellow shade which I haven't used very often that's just lifting the energy and lending a sort of 'whimsy' to what is a fairly vintage, adult geometric style.  

The other aspect of the colour palette which really helped put the final polish onto the pattern was the subtle gold detailing along the stems. The stems are all outlines instead of colour fills and so the gold colour looks more realistically applied (in the sense that this is how gold might actually be applied to a design in real life). It also stops the stems becoming too heavy and distracting the rest of the pattern. I feel that sudden contrasting colours are such a common issue for unbalancing the load of colour in a repeating pattern. By switching the stems to outlines, it's given a lot more breathing room around this darker colour and so it hasn't intruded on the flow of the repeat at all. 

Geometric Floral

This pattern is sold as an exclusive buyout licence. The design is a vector repeat and is ready to edit or use as required. 

Upon purchase, the layered Adobe Illustrator file will be emailed to you, to be used with full rights. The design will be removed from the website before the final files are sent to you.


Technical information about this design

If you're interested in this design, it is available for both royalty licensing or exclusive flat fee purchase at the moment. The actual design file you'll receive is going to be an Adobe Illustrator file which means this pattern was created using vector shapes and is completely re-scalable without loss of quality which is super handy for production.

You'll notice there's some transparency in this design, with some of the overlapping elements. The colour palette is not going to be huge because of this as I have indexed these colours down into a more manageable palette. This is going to make it really easy for you to edit any colours you might need to, if you're building a co-ordinated collection. 

The file is layered with the original layout, a perfect square block ready for repeat and a pre-made pattern swatch that repeats and scales within Adobe Illustrator so it really is all ready to go.

How to purchase this design

If you want to grab it now, you can pay online via my product listing above or you can also email me if you need to pay by invoice instead.

There's an FAQ covering common questions I receive about purchasing/licensing my designs but feel free to get in touch if you still have any other queries. 

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