Where I seek inspiration

There's almost too much choice for inspiration with the internet and social media at our fingertips. It's overwhelming, to say the least. This is where I look to for creative inspiration.


Step outside and go for walks. Find yourself a park, footpath, or urban area that gets you more inspired. If you’re a creature of habit, going to the same location isn’t a problem because you’re likely to always spot something new anyway. Open your mind and your eyes and snap photos of anything that catches your eye as you walk. A good exercise to try is to have a colour challenge or a letter challenge and try to get 10 photos matching the theme before you head home. This is also a useful took for generating material for mood boards.


Story is my happy place and it’s a beacon of inspiration for my design work. If you’re wondering how you can get visual inspiration out of story, start with looking at visual storytelling mediums such as animation, graphic novels and film. However, I wouldn’t overlook the amount of inspiration you can get from reading an written article or book. As an exercise, try grabbing a book or magazine in your house and select an entirely random article or chapter to read. Afterwards, try summarising it with only drawings, colour, texture and visual design.


If you’re not feeling as though you have time to leave your workspace, try navigating to photography platforms such as Instagram, Flickr or Pexels. Photography can be a very useful form of inspiration because you can collect together albums relating to themes of colour or texture as an exercise and then snippet out accent colours or inspirational subject material for another day. Even if you won’t be using your gathered photography right away, you can squirrel it away using Evernote, or Pinterest and refer back to it at the start of a future project.

Creative Social Platforms

I hear you - you’re super strapped for time and not only are you unable to leave your desk, you simply don’t have time to collect together themes, photos or other creative trinkets. Maybe you’re in the middle of a project and you’ve already got your wheels turning on the design process but now your juice is low and you need a creative boost? In these moments, I would open up a few tabs of reliably curated design and creative professionals. Behance and Dribbble are a good start for a quick scroll of high quality WIPs and shares from other creative professionals. Sometimes, all you need is a quick scroll to top up the tank and get your brain back in the game. Don’t forget to like, comment and generally take a moment to feedback to your fellow creatives before you leave.

Jenny Edwards