Sugary sweet lifestyle patterns, for grown-ups who like to play dress-up

A sugary sweet lifestyle, for grown-ups who like to play dress-up


My work is generally created in collections but I also produce stand alone prints. Both are available for licensing and for outright purchase, here on my website. If you like what you see and would like me to create something unique for you, I welcome new commissions. 

I am constantly creating new work from my own inspiration and trend research, in my home-based studio but I do enjoy working with feedback and collaborative approaches. I believe that constant work, feedback and flexibility is the key to producing successful design solutions.



About my Work

Above all things, I am motivated by story

When I think, I think in pictures but I express these thoughts in visual stories. I come from a background in writing and moved to a career in design only after graduating from English & Creative Writing at university. The process of developing creative work in a collaborative workshop environment helped me learn how to process and implement feedback objectively and efficiently. As a designer led by story, I see beyond the design I am creating, to the identity it offers the person who will buy the final product.

Fun, modern and whimsical

When I became a Surface Pattern Designer, I was working in web design and creating patterns and prints was only a hobby I maintained on my long train commutes into London. As my design background started in a more digital place, it influenced the development of my style and so I naturally favour modern, clean designs with engaging colour palettes and whimsical themes. My colour choices reflect my experience in digital illustration and the colour trends in technology. My illustration style is graphic and feminine.


Working as a Digital Native

Nearly my entire process is digitally-based. I have become confident in my process and deliver fresh work as often as possible because of this. I work across an iPad Pro and Adobe Illustrator mostly but I've become competent across the Adobe Creative Suite and still enjoy getting hands- on, away from the computer, in order to stimulate new ideas. 


Distinct Style with Constant Growth

My philosophy is that by continuing to learn more you are able to discover more about the possibility of your own art and style. My taste is always evolving through the constant revision of work and opportunities to master new technical skills. While I am proud of my distinct style, I intend to continue evolving in order to offer commercial readiness for future market demands. 

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Surtex 2017, New York, may 21-23

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